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San Francisco

Yes, San Francisco, the capital of tech companies and the home for most beloved and famous apps. The city by the bay has been recognised as one of the friendliest and most welcoming city in the states. Top the list off with environmental friendliness and you pretty much have the perfect cliche description most other concrete jungles crave for. That...

Dreamy and romantic Venice, Italy

Last but definitely not the least city where we went in Italy was Venice. This city is so different from all the other ones that we visited. So-so-so many tourists that I can?t even imagine just living there and doing daily acitivites.

Unconventional Florence, Italy

Next stop Florence.  This city tho.. I can really say that I was surprised because at first I didn?t have any expectations with Florence. I didn?t know much about it, only that the brand Gucci was established there and that they have a huge Duomo church, and that?s basically it.

Historical Rome, Italy

So, me and my two really good friends Ulrika & Ingmar were thinking about visiting Italy for a really long time already. The final decision came when we finally got to know that we are going to have a small almost-break week at school, after that first things first we bought the tickets and started to plan our exciting trip.

Vacation in Estonia

The previous week and the ongoing week were so busy and hectic, that I barely got time to write this post. But I got myself together and still did it. So since my vacation back home, in Estonia, took a little bit longer than expected. Nevertheless, I regret nothing, because it was a wonderful and relaxing experience.
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