Coachella 2017 recap

Been too long. Recap throwback to Palm Spring (Coachella) – LA – NYC. Over a month ago in the end of April, I had a 10-day vacay in the States. The main purpose was to take part of the Coachella Festival (Weekend 2), which was amazing but also mega exhausting at the same time. I and my two good friends...

Ancient Lisbon

So this time my travels brought me to Lisbon, Portugal. The beaches in Lisbon were divine, even though the weather was really windy on the first day. The second day we drove out of Lisbon to discover less crowded and even more nicer beaches. The beaches are truly one of the ?it? things why to visit Portugal.

Coastal Porto vibes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So after a while I?m back, I haven?t abandoned my blog, not at all. My life here in Copenhagen is so damn hectic. Although i have a lot of things going on iI?m trying to focus on school at the moment and it takes a lot of energy.

São Paulo

So About São Paulo City, Brazil. This city is so unbelievably big that I can?t even describe how humongous it is. If you follow my Instagram you probably know that I had a mini vacation full of sunshine and smoothies, which was followed by a week full of long hours, intensive brainwork and a rewarding outcome. I got an opportunity...

Los Angeles

If you saw my last post about San Francisco, then you probably noticed it was mostly about buildings and San Fran architecture. Whereas Los Angeles, from my point of view, is more about blue sky and palm trees. I literally have like tons of palm tree pictures on my phone.