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Grabbing 2017 by the…

I’m on a plane, flying back to Copenhagen from Estonia. I feel it’s time to write down some thoughts on what?s with my life. Where am I, what has happened and just to take a look back to 2016 and figure out how I foresee 2017? A lot has been going on, a lot has happened, a lot has changed....

Autumn layers

It?s mid-October and I really enjoy this a bit cold, smoggy, windy and rainy weather we are having here in Copenhagen at the moment.  This Autumn has been a real rollercoaster for me –  juggling the full time internship at CIFF while still showing up at my other part time job and in addition, squeezing in some travelling in between...

Summer end 16′

That’s for sure Summer is over. But here’s a shoot I did with my good friend  @apalmik in an abandon shed a while ago before I came back to Copenhagen. Check out her page as well, she is shooting some crazy amazing stuff. www.anetepalmik.com Outfit dets: Denim shirt: Han Kjøbenhavn White tee: H & M Jeans: Jack & Jones Chelsea boots:...

Addicted to thrift shopping

I?m a total thrift shop addict. Every time when I?m going back home to Estonia for a vacation or some other reasons, I?m always taking time for dropping by the home town second hand shops (I?m from Paide, it?s a super tiny town in the middle of Estonia. Believe it or not, at some point it was actually called the...

Coffee break in Copenhagen

I?ve been living in Copenhagen for over a year now and I thought it?s about time to introduce more of this city. I really love the area where I live, it?s really old, posh and has a lot of history. Most particulary I really love one street called Værnedamsvej.