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Coachella 2017 recap

Been too long. Recap throwback to Palm Spring (Coachella) – LA – NYC. Over a month ago in the end of April, I had a 10-day vacay in the States. The main purpose was to take part of the Coachella Festival (Weekend 2), which was amazing but also mega exhausting at the same time. I and my two good friends...

Grabbing 2017 by the…

I’m on a plane, flying back to Copenhagen from Estonia. I feel it’s time to write down some thoughts on what?s with my life. Where am I, what has happened and just to take a look back to 2016 and figure out how I foresee 2017? A lot has been going on, a lot has happened, a lot has changed....

Coffee break in Copenhagen

I?ve been living in Copenhagen for over a year now and I thought it?s about time to introduce more of this city. I really love the area where I live, it?s really old, posh and has a lot of history. Most particulary I really love one street called Værnedamsvej.

New Layout and LA outfit

Throwback outfit post from the most amazing trip to Los Angeles. I would totally like to go back there, hopfully it will happen soon. With this post I’d like to introduce you my new, fresh, minimalistic, more aesthetic appereance for my blog.

Back on it ’16

Just realised that the last post was in November and I haven?t been blogging soo long time. Really need to say sorry because of that. Of course all I could say that there are so many different reasons why I?ve been lacking here but yea. The end of the year like for all of us was super busy and a...