That one statement denim jacket

Back to work-school

Lets just not go there. The end of the Summer means basically the end of another great era. Starting off with the daily grind. Wake up – have a quick work out sesh (or not) – coffee – get ready – work (or school) and so on. But somewhat we all enjoy it, we all chase the routine and some sort of a schedule, some more, some less.

Another Autumn starts soon and with that just a quick update about what?s going on. I?ve had one super great year so far. Filled with travels, meeting with enjoyable people and getting my work mode super on. We have finished another crazy-cool CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), that?s the place where I work daily (if you didn?t know) and we are off to organize another one. Takes a whole half a year.

But getting ready for the new Autumn season. And let us be real honest, who doesn?t like a nice casual outfit along with it.
This whole outfit I put together from the H&M finds.

Let us kick off the rest of the productive year and make it one memorable one.

See ya!

Photos by @a.toming

Outfit all by @hm_man 


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That one statement denim jacket