Is it March ALREADY!?!?!

Iconic Spring


Copenhagen feels so much more ?Springy? every day. And I really can?t wait to wear lighter coats and jackets or just casually drop a leather jacket on top of a white T-shirt. Always works the best.

This is another take on my Spring Icons Selected by The Weeknd for H&M.

As the previous style was more sophisticated, clean and maybe a bit more office-like, then this one is just a casual light bomber jacket with a dark green hoodie and black jeans.

Inspo for the Spring.

Pics by @ingmarbtkr


Hoodie, bomber and jeans by @hm_man

Shoes @commonprojects dscf-30_32521320923_o dscf-25_33335454905_o dscf-22_33335458705_o dscf-17_33294769706_o dscf-19_33294764576_o dscf-21_33335460325_o dscf-18_33294766876_o dscf-20_32521333923_o dscf-15_33335470525_o dscf-16_33335468955_o dscf-14_33335471995_o dscf-26_33335453205_o


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