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Is it March ALREADY!?!?!


Hey hey hey hey

Is it March ALREADY!?!?!

I have a question – if there is so much time, where on earth is it rushing to? I mean really. Is it in a hurry to get to a specific point or a place? Is there a new iPhone launch I’m not aware of? A new Ben&Jerry?s flavour? Where is it going so fast?!

Chill, clock, take a Xanax. Please.

Anyway, at least soon it?s time to start wearing lighter clothes – just grab that little trench coat while heading out to meet up with the loved ones, sit outside cafeterias and observe the people while sipping Caramel Lattes or maybe something with a little more buzz in it to fully enjoy the warm spring breeze.

Now that is worth waiting for.

And the long walks in the fresh air when the sunrays are warming that pale cold skin trying to recover from the long dull winter.

They?re the best.

And as always, the feeling of greatness of The Spring would be incomplete without a cool, trendy outfit to snap some shots in.

Here are some fresh Spring Icons selected by @theweeknd at H&M. While I was compiling this look, I figured the key piece is the double-breasted coat. It?s such a simple yet outstanding item that can be combined with almost everything. This time I fell more into the clean, simple line and focused more on the coat itself.

Shots are taken by one of my best friends @ingmarbtkr.

Check out his account, he is doing some amazing stuff.

Clothes: @hm_man  @hm

Shoes: @commonprojects

#hmspringicons urbanees-spring-17-1 urbanees-spring-37-2 urbanees-spring-19 urbanees-spring-56 urbanees-spring-07 urbanees-spring-29-1 urbanees-spring-27-1 urbanees-spring-20-2 urbanees-spring-39

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