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So About São Paulo City, Brazil.

This city is so unbelievably big that I can?t even describe how humongous it is.
If you follow my Instagram you probably know that I had a mini vacation full of sunshine and smoothies, which was followed by a week full of long hours, intensive brainwork and a rewarding outcome. I got an opportunity to go to Brazil in connection with my studies.

We did a workshop and a project there together with another university. It was much fun, the project was about how to promote and make using a bike, as a means of transportation, cooler and more popular in São Paulo City. This city tho, I?ve never been in such a hectic and chaotic place. It was the first time I noticed quite a big gap between different social classes. I saw favelas, also known as slums (What is a favela?). But only from distance and from a moving car window. It was strictly forbidden to go to these areas, because of the danger to tourists. But São Paulo is really an urban cit, it has lots of concrete and gray buildings, not much green areas but still some. São Paulo is also really polluted, because of the heavy use of cars. Overall it was ofc an awesome experience, never been that far from home. For sure I wanna go back but next time to Rio, which is as our Brazilians said the city in Brazil you need to visit. 

Dedicated to all my fun, cool and nice Brazilian friends! Miss you loads.

Here are some visuals from my trip.

file-02-03-16-21-58-18 file-02-03-16-22-05-27 file-02-03-16-22-10-52 file-02-03-16-22-07-46 file-02-03-16-22-01-15 file-02-03-16-21-38-06 file-02-03-16-20-49-45 file-02-03-16-21-33-53 file-02-03-16-20-33-13 file-02-03-16-20-26-55 file-02-03-16-20-41-58 file-02-03-16-20-46-36 file-02-03-16-20-36-04 file-02-03-16-20-37-01 file-02-03-16-20-38-04 file-02-03-16-20-34-24 file-02-03-16-21-39-18 file-02-03-16-21-42-36 file-02-03-16-21-55-24 file-02-03-16-21-40-35 file-02-03-16-21-46-40 file-02-03-16-21-52-32 file-02-03-16-21-54-07 file-02-03-16-21-50-19 file-02-03-16-22-02-34 file-02-03-16-21-44-09 file-02-03-16-22-12-30 file-02-03-16-20-32-18 file-02-03-16-20-40-20 file-02-03-16-22-14-03 file-02-03-16-22-04-01 file-02-03-16-21-59-551


  • Vítor

    Hi Rauno! Where was this beach? I’m from Sao Paulo and I didn’t recognize it.

    Have a great day !

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Rauno

      As my Brazilian friend said it should be Juquehy Beach. Not far from Sao Pãulo, so so beautiful there. 🙂

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Stella

    Looks amazing! Really nice pictures! Are you using any filters?

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Rauno

      Hei Stella Thank you for kind words. Yea I’m using mostly VSCO Cam filter. 🙂

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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