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If you saw my last post about San Francisco, then you probably noticed it was mostly about buildings and San Fran architecture. Whereas Los Angeles, from my point of view, is more about blue sky and palm trees. I literally have like tons of palm tree pictures on my phone.

LA grew on me and I’m going back for sure. I mean, already the weather (scandinavians, you know what I’m talking about). It’s amazing. Every day is the same – sunny and warm. It makes you want to go out even more and it gives a lot of motivation and inspiration.

As I got to wander around in some of the different areas in Los Angeles, for example well known Beverly Hills, I saw and felt how people there are more posh and wealthy. They also perceive themselves more uptight and they are not afraid to show it. West Hollywood, so called WeHo, is more outgoing and hipsta area with cool restaurants, cafeterias and clubs. And Malibu is the dream of surfers. Venice beach unfortunately didn’t give me any excitement, maybe due to its overpopulation of tourists. Anyway, i visited the most important places for me personally, but there is still so much to do and see.

Although it was my first time there i can already say this city has its own glamour and sexyness, you can totally see and feel it on the streets by listening how people talk, by observing how they behave. Like they say, LA is the city of lost and maybe even fallen angels, who are desperately looking for ways to fulfill their dreams. People go there hoping for big breakthroughs and great success. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, but you can definitly feel the momentum and vibe of the aspiring people. It’s quite catchy and motivating, so i’d say LET’S MOVE TO LA!

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