Back on it ’16

Just realised that the last post was in November and I haven?t been blogging soo long time. Really need to say sorry because of that. Of course all I could say that there are so many different reasons why I?ve been lacking here but yea. The end of the year like for all of us was super busy and a lot do at school and also work. I still made some photoshoots though, that also need some editing but everything will come sooner or later.

Anyways new year started and of course I have some resolutions as well like most of us do. First thing that I would like to point out is that I would like to be more spontaneous and just go with the flow. For example travel more and grab opportunities that are on horzion. And for sure to be more greatful what I have and just acknowledege the things and most important these amazing people around me. Alright, that went now really deep, but it?s true.

Also what I wanted to mention that I am now super motivated to start really doing this blog and making it more live and engage with my readers/followers.

Now exams are done and school starts soon again but I can promise really really soon there?s coming some cool stuff.

But for now some pics from last year and my vacation back at home in Estonia.

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