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Reasons to love Autumn

One of the great things with autumn is that you can wear your favourite jacket again. Or a cardigan that has been lying in the closet for months, and craves to be worn again. In my case, I bought a new biker jacket that I really wanted to wear and to match with different clothing pieces.

Also, since I am such a hardcore biker guy in Copenahgen, I thought that I really need a decent leather jacket in my life. So after a long consideration and thinking, because I wanted to buy a jacket that is made out of real leather, I finally made my decision.

This exact biker jacket is from Selected, it?s a Danish brand and I think they are making nice and minimal, yet outstanding pieces.

File 27.09.15 22 04.38 File 27.09.15 22 10.04 File 27.09.15 22 08.59 File 27.09.15 21 59.39 File 27.09.15 21 57.18 File 27.09.15 22 06.00 File 27.09.15 22 07.05 File 27.09.15 21 53.33 File 27.09.15 22 12.37

Biker jacket for the win.


Cap: H&M

T-shirt: H&M

Leather jacket: Selected

Pics by: @ulrikaluks


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