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Outfit & Sandqvist

I?ve been looking for a decent backpack that could fit my laptop and other relevant stuff for a really long time. Going through a lot of different retail and webshops like Asos and Urban Outfitters I finally I found a bag that has it all. The size and the style that fits with my personal style and also that the brand would not be too over exposed. The reason why I purchased exactly this bag was that I wanted to have a black bag that will suit with everything, but which will be still functional and has a cool design. Some time ago I bought a Rains backpack which is really practical and suits well with the Danish weather.

But for now I picked a backpack from a Swedish brand called Sandqvist. All their bags are handmade and made out of real leather. The bags are a bit pricey but their quality and the fabrics that they are using outweight the price level.

Sandqvist Instagram


Cap: H&M

Denim Jacket: Levis

Denim Shirt: H&;

Jeans: Topman

Shoes: Reebok Classic

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