I was following SWÄRK for a long time, but I didn?t own a shirt from this brand. Some time ago, they posted a challenge on Instagram (SWÄRK Instagram: @swarkshirts) that I eventually won and thus got a shirt of my choice.

SWÄRK is an Estonian menswear clothing brand that was created by two girls ? Merily & Paula. The brand is concentrated on creation of shirts that have a distinctive detailing, which makes them look special and makes the person wearing it stand out.
For my point of view, when I choose the clothing to wear, I like it to be unique, original and for it to reflect my personality. Considering SWÄRK, they provide me with a lot of different options, since their main focus is placed on eye-catching details.
To my view this brand is amazing and does not receive the spotlight as it deserves. This is one of the reasons why I decided to write a blog post about them and to make a photoshoot featuring one of their shirt.
More information about the brand and their shirts on their website: www.swarkshirts.com
Swärk Swärk Swärk Swärk

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