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Blooming ERDEM x H&M

I had the honour to see, put together and shoot few outfits from the ERDEM x H&M collaboration, which will be launching on the 2. November. Honestly, I would love to fill my wardrobe with everything from that collection. The collaboration is just so divine, so well made, with the most high-quality materials and with all those small details. If...

Back to work-school

Lets just not go there. The end of the Summer means basically the end of another great era. Starting off with the daily grind. Wake up – have a quick work out sesh (or not) – coffee – get ready – work (or school) and so on. But somewhat we all enjoy it, we all chase the routine and some...

That one statement denim jacket

So already since I started obsessing denim jackets, I was like, ok I need to have this cool jacket all covered with patches. Thanks to Levi’s Estonia I got to pick my very own jacket and from the beginning, I decided that I have to make this one a really Special one. I covered it almost fully different patches. What’s...

Coachella 2017 recap

Been too long. Recap throwback to Palm Spring (Coachella) – LA – NYC. Over a month ago in the end of April, I had a 10-day vacay in the States. The main purpose was to take part of the Coachella Festival (Weekend 2), which was amazing but also mega exhausting at the same time. I and my two good friends...

Layers of Spring

Wanted to post this shoot a long time ago that I had with Bee in a cool parking lot. On that time it was actually cold outside. Now it?s basically the same weather back again, but it?s Spring. Like what the actual hell, Spring has some serious issues, playing super hard to get. That?s why I can?t wait for my vacation...